Hello Kitty Run 2014

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Throwback to last last saturday when Hello Kitty Run 2014 was held at Sentosa!

There was really a lot a lot of people! And we were saying early morning at 7plus am on a Saturday!

This was probably the first run that I went where a lot of people "dressed up". Quite a number of girls were donned in tutu skirts and high socks; others put on Hello Kitty gears like spectacles and head bands. Guys were not spared! They came in the given Hello Kitty red top with Hello Kitty stickers tattoo. It was almost 'spectacular' that there were so many Hello Kitty fans out there, I felt so "at home" suddenly. Keke

It was not meant to be a competitive run, with the whole route less than 5km and probably less than 4km on the actual day, shortened by the bad weather.  As I was at the earlier batch to start the race, I was not really affected by the rain and the hoo ha for the later batch of participants (not enough medal , drinks etc).  Hopefully, all participants have received their medal by now and those who took extra, shame on you. Just thinking what's the point of getting the medals if you did not do the run, mine was now 'rotting' on my shelf after the run anyway. *Shrugged*

Trying damn hard to take pictures of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel with my short arms amid the crowd. Not too bad an effort right?   
Lotsa of photo stop along the way and everyone was just busy taking photo, who cares about the run? Keke
 There was even a bubbles stop!

There was suppose to be a beach party where there were more photo spots, fashion show and lucky draw to take close up pictures with Hello Kitty. I did not stay till the end lah coz we were hungry and wet, so we just took some pictures and seek 'refugee' at Sushi Tei.


 The little medal that got a lot of people angry. =p

Rewards after the run - the medal, HK biscuit, Qoo can drink and e-cert!

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