Lenu Beef Noodles

11:05:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Venue: Vivocity, #02-91/92/93

Lenu literally translates to "Happy Cow", sounds like a happy place to eat beef! LOL
Simple menu with what else, but beef noodles. When it just started, there was only beef noodles on the menu but right now, they even have chicken noodles to cater for the non-beef eaters. But it sounds so wrong to go to a beef noodles place and order a non-beef item.
To me, a good beef noodles should have a solid tasty broth, accompanied with smooth broad noodles and of coz, fresh beef slices. All these traits can be found at Lenu.

Although I had eaten at Lenu a couple of times, I always order the same dish - Braised Wagyu Beef Noodles ($16.90). My only variation? Probably just the noodles as diners can choose from thin noodles, broad noodles to rice noodles. I preferred the broad noodles which most resemble the beef noodles that I had at Jiu Fen, Taipei. The oh-so familiar rich and flavourful broth with decent portion of beef slices; I'm glad that I dont need to go Taipei to enjoy a good bowl of beef noodles! =)

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