Sick for weeks.. >_<

11:48:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Ive caught the cough virus from hubby since CNY. Till now, Ive not recovered.. fact, the virus evolved from cough to flu to fever then back to cough. Im now a green phelgm spitter with super gao mucus from the nose. Sounds disgusting I know. SIGH.

I cant remember when Ive eaten french fries, fried food, ice cream etc. On a positive side, Ive lost 1-2 kg. Most 'effective' slimming method lor...

Oh ya, Im going to Korea in late April - May. Tickets from Cathay Pacific, $607 including taxes, good deal right? =)

I want to go strawberry picking but apparently there isnt a lot of information from the website. And mostly in Korean, no choice, got to wait for KTO ( Korea Tourism Organization) to reply me lor. Hope they can help me arrange! * cross fingers*

Since this is my 2nd trip F&E, I want to explore a bit more out of the norm tourist spots, pls email or leave me a comment if you know an interesting place/food ok? Thanks!!!