UNA - Our Valentine Dinner

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Venue: 1 Rochester Park
Contact: 6773 0070/6773 0060
Website: http://una.sg/


Thought I should 'quickly' do a post on our Valentine dinner before it becomes really 'stale'. =p

As usual, hubby waited till one week before Valentine Day to make a reservation. Needless to say, we didn't really have much choices. #differencebetweenmarriagevsdating  

Wanted to go Keyaki @ Pan Pacific for years, oh well, next year! Or maybe I should reserve for next year NOW? Keke

I'm not complaining about hubby la. To me, Valentine Day is just another commercialized day when everything is so expensive. But again, precisely it's Valentine Day, restaurants will come up with special menu which we normally wont get. I still remember last year we went Edge and I adored the pink fondue which reminded me of my favourite strawberry pocky! 

Back to UNA, they set up an arch with green carpet to welcome the couples, which actually made a good background for couple picture or OOTD. There was both alfresco dining zone and an indoor one. I would love to take the alfresco option as natural sunlight was much preferred for my food photo taking, but I just gave in to the super hot weather and took the indoor seats. BUT, I tried to get as much sunlight as possible by sitting real close to the entrance/exit. Not much help though, still need to do editing to my photos. LOL
I liked the 'Garden of Eden' theme, something different from the usual roses/floral/hearts theme. Are you curious whether the golden apple is real? I did! And so I 'tested' the golden apple by pricking it with my finger nail.... got my finger nail's marking, so should be real apple! =p  I love doing notti things like these... small harmless pranks! =p

Since Valentine Day is such a commercialize event, the restaurant had probably expected a lot of couples to come such that the tables were placed pretty closely, I didnt even know what's privacy. Perhaps it was more fun to eavesdrop other couples's lovey dovey conversion rather than indulged in one ourselves. Hahaha
Free champagne to 'pop' start the dinner!
As typical western restaurant, we were served bread assortment and a starter of the chef's selection. Erm chef, why you gave me something that I didnt know whether it was a dip for the bread or a drink? Totally clueless what it was and tasted a bit weird, a mystery unsolved. 
Seafood platter to share! Made up of mussels, oysters, prawns, clams and scallops.
There was both grilled lobster and beef to select, but we both decided on lobster and I must said, good choice!

No ideas what was the light green sauce, but it was damn good and looked so pretty with the red lobster and yellow vegetables. A colourful and delightful dish! The portion was quite decent, at least, we didnt feel hungry anymore after the main. 
Uncles playing guitar and singing at the same time. Solid lor!
Didnt like the dessert which tasted like sourish cream. Heng, there was chocolate truffle for me. =)

Overall I think dinner was just okay. Oh ya, there was a complimentary instant 4R photo given to all couples. But the photographer 'made' me so fat that I didnt want to show here. Nice gesture but next time photographer can don't take so close up and make my face and arms so fat ass can? =p

I was 'busy' planning for my Seoul/Busan trip, cant wait! I've one more free day, it will be helpful if anyone can give me any good recommendation. This trip I will be visiting strawberry farm, doing rail bike at some rural area, taking the Hangang river cruise and many more! Will be sharing more after my trip and hope I dont get too lost! =p

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