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Be teleported back to the old days. With the gloomy sky, it looks really old ya? Keke
Noticed that Lepark offers platters and tapas, definitely a place for gathering over food and beers. Oh ya, they have lotsa craft beers but since we were early, we didnt order any alcohol.
SEY (Salted Egg Yolk) Soft Shelf Crab and Crabmeat Ball Slider

Oh gosh, such a long name but it definitely describes what to expect in this dish. Almost, except for one. Instead of burger bread, mantou is used.
Poached Chicken Sushi ($8)

This was really nice, a combination of your familiar chicken rice in a mouthful. The chicken was really tender and there was more meat than rice. We adored the dish except for the price.
Wagyu Steak with Straight Cut Fries with Honey Mustard ($30)

Recommended by the staff and we can totally understand why. We ordered medium done and it was nicely grilled and juicy without been too tough. The sauce accompanied the fries was da bomb too; I was told it was truffle mayo. The thing was I dun even like truffle and I really had no idea there was truffle, so I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad new to truffle lover. Haha


Venue: People Park Complex #06-00
Closed on Monday

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