Missing in Action (MIA)

2:41:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Hi peeps,

I think I had MIA for coming to 3 months? Hope I'm missed?  =p

Taking a break from the "commitment" of taking pictures and posting whenever I'm dining out. How to say, it starts to feel kinda meaningless? I still took pictures using my iphone (becoming a habit), but I just keep to just posting on my instagram and leave most of my time enjoying the meals instead. 

Nowadays, does anyone still read blogs? Blogs seems to be replaced by other social media like Dayre, Snapchat where new entries are being updated faster.

I'm guilty myself. If I'm looking for new places to dine out, I will go to Instagram and pick on pictures that look good. Even if I chance upon other blogs, I will skip the wordings or rather, scan through and again just look at the pictures. Is it just me losing the patient to read the words carefully piece together by the authors?

I guess, I will just share in my Dayre since it's easier to post pictures and I can just update on the move.  Please add me @ashleytok! I promise I will update more often if I have more followers. Haha, for now I'm just being a silent stalker. Oops. 

I will also update my blog so that the food places are sorted by locations and cuisines for easy navigation.  I will remove my "food grading"  since it's very subjective and purely on my own personal preference and opinion. #slowlybutsurely

I read somewhere that food industry is adversely affected by the so-called food bloggers. Basically, anyone who blog about food is termed as food bloggers. Personally, I don't think it's fair for individuals to grade since we are not professionally trained to do so. Then again, I'm sure we are not out there to kill the industry but  just share our experience. Oh well, it's really tough to draw the line.

I will definitely share travelling details in my blog but due to personal budget, I cant do this quite often. My upcoming trip is to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe in May, so look out for it. I'm still planning what to do and will appreciate all recommendations. Do email me or leave a comment if you know of any interesting places to go!

With that I shall pen off. Have a great day ahead!

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