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Since we were in the Cityhall area, we decided to check out the newly opened Dazzling Cafe. Alas, it was a 1.5 hour wait for a table, so we gave it a miss to try some other cafe. The honey toast we had in Taipei was nice but not that nice to wait 1.5 hour lah. 

So we went to Angelina nearby which happened to have a soft launch. We ordered a iced chocolate ($?) and a mont-blanc ($13.50). The mont-blanc is their signature dessert but sadly, we didnt quite know how to appreciate it. It was basically lotza of chestnut cream with a meringue base. You must love chestnut and very sweet stuff to enjoy this dessert.

Service was damn good. They served us ice-coffee instead of ice-chocolate, and after changing the order, they gave us 2 macaroon for FREE. Cool right, totally unexpected.

When it came to billing, we honestly told the staff that we ordered ice chocolate instead of ice coffee, since the former will cost slightly more. But hor, the staff never came back with the bill. We called for bill again, and was given the wrong bill again. Sorry Angelina, we were rushing for our movie and got no time to wait for bill again, we paid the amount stated lor. It was my hubby's bdae, so take it as a treat for him, ya? End of story, service was good but a bit messy la. 

Hope they can sort out their internal arrangement, otherwise they will lose quite a bit by giving free food (they also gave our neighbour table bread and butter for delay in their order) and wrong bill.


Venue: 15 Stamford Road #01-82 Capitol Galleria

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