New Blog Face!

11:19:00 PM Unknown 0 Comments

I have wanted to give my blog a facelift, for a minimalist and clean look. I plan to do it slowly... BUT BY ACCIDENT, I have saved the change before I'm satisfied with  it. >.<

There are still many changes to be done, e.g. how to add my Instagram code below to show the Instagram carousel, how do I show labels in the individual post (somehow it's not showing). I also prefer to have some pastel colours, now it's too white. Really a big change from my usual blogskin which is more girly and colourful!

On a positive note, I like the dropdown list for my travelogue and food blog. I think it's easier, at least I don't have to manually maintain a list according to the cuisine type. Yeah!

Oh well, got to 'bear' with me while I edit bit by bit ya? Heehee