Restaurant Week : B@Rochester

9:48:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Venue: 8 Rochester Park
Contact: 6778 1788



Just by looking at the menu alone, we were already in anticipation. What's more, we were getting a complimentary entree on top of the 3 course dinner! 赚到咯! ^_^


The complimentary entree was a simple dish of mixed mushroom on greens. If not for the greens, the yakiniku dressing would seem pretty heavy for an entree. Instead, the dressing served as a sweet sauce for the salad. A sweet start indeed.


The starter should appeal to most seafood lovers ~ assortment of scallop and soft shell crab. I was delighted with the generous serving of scallop with grilled cheese. On the other hand, though I couldn't figure out the the meat portion of the soft shell crab, it was super crispy.


Both hubby & I chose the same main and we loved it! The cod fish was flavorful but a tad saltish on its own. However, if you eat it together with the portobello mushroom / spinach, which I think were intentionally left unseasoned, it was a perfect match.


Unique dessert indeed but I am not a fan of bread pudding or soggy bread, so didnt finish the dessert. Would have prefer more vanilla sauce though.

Service was impressive as well. Our green tea (priced at $3) were never left unfilled, cutlery were changed for every course, plates were cleared almost immediately. Best of all, the waiter had taken his own initiative to help us take pictures without asking!

Overall, we had a fantastic dinner with good food & services. Will love to re visit!

Note: Pictures taken with my new Sony RX100! I'm still playing with the functions, which explained the differences in the brightness as I was using different functions. So bear with me! =p

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