Restaurant Week: Salt Grill & Sky Bar

9:02:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Venue: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn
#55-01, Singapore 238801
Contact: 6592 5118


Menu of the Day!

Complimentary bread 

Served soft & warm! 

This was pretty good although slightly salty, probably due to the miso mustard broth. The egg omelette was very light and easily torn apart to reveal lotza crab meat. Definitely feasting to the eyes with the presentation and a delightful dish to start off.

On the other hand, the salmon seemed to be less interesting and appeared plain in the over-sized plate. Though I must say, it was quite flavorful if you put all the garnishes (orange, onion ring etc) and eat it together with the salmon ~ lessen the saltiness with added texture.

I've read reviews online before going to Salt Grill. Since there was a couple of reviews stating that the fish was not fresh, we decided on the spatchcock and gnocci.

The spatchcock (aka chicken) main was a tiny serving of a chicken thigh, nicely grilled on a bed of creamy puree. I thought the puree was potato mash, but turned out to be a root vegetable.

A pity that the portion was so small, that it was gone before we knew it. 

I fell in love with zucchini when I was in Italy and I liked the combination of sweet corn and zucchini.  The gnocchi was chewy except that it was a tad oily.

Dessert was home-made dark orange & rock melon sorbet, served with a choice of coffee or tea.

Overall, food was okay although nothing to shut about. For the price we paid ($94.16), I would have expected something more fanciful. Portion wise, it was really pathetic, really is " 吃不饱,饿不死" lor. The best part was probably the view and the ambiance? *Shrugged*

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