Interlaken, Switzerland - Places of Interest

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1) Jungfraujoch


Going Up
  1. Catch the train from Interlaken West to Interlaken Ost
  2. Get off at Interlaken Ost and go to Platform 2 for the connecting train to Grindelwald (Section B)
  3. It's recommended to go up via Grindelward as the sun rises on this side and sets on the Lauterbrunnen side.
  4. In Grindelwald, change trains to the connecting train to Kleine Scheidegg
  5. In Kleine Scheidegg, catch the connecting train to the Junfraujoch
Going Down:
  1. Catch the train in the Junfraujoch station heading to Kleine Scheidegg
  2. In Kleine Scheidegg, change trains to the one going to Wengen (Option: Consider trek down from Kleine Scheidegg to Wengen - approximately 1.5hr or visit the town of Wengen)
  3. From Wengen, catch the next connecting train to Lauterbrunnen
  4. Consider visit the Trummelbach Waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen valley (Catch a bus from Lauterbrunnen station direction to Stechelberg)
  5. From Lauterbrunnen, catch the next connecting train to Interlaken Ost
  6. From Interlaken Ost, catch the next train to Interlaken West 
The trip up to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken takes approximately 2hr 45mins one way. With our Half Fare Swiss card, we only needed to pay CHF 93.10 each. Consider the long hours to and fro, we decided to depart from Interlaken at 8plus in the morning.

On a side note, we were so glad that we can booked our tickets through Ursula ~ It was definitely time saving as we were able to check the weather on the day itself to make sure the weather was good to go before asking Ursula to help us book the tickets to  Jungfraujoch.

Since the activities in Interlaken are usually outdoor, it is recommended to book the activities only when you reach Interlaken. We booked for paragliding online, but it was raining on that day, so no go. Luckily, we were able to cancel it and Ursula helped us to book for it on another day when the weather was good.

An overview of the train stops - Table top in the train

Activities at Jungfra

View from Jungfra

Alpine Sensation 

Kleine Scheidegg   

2) Paragliding

We got up early the next morning for our flight with Star Paragliding, which we booked through Ursula again. Hehe

The journey will last about 15 - 20mins for a price at CHF175. With additional CHF40, you can also bring home a CD with pictures and a short video taken in the air. Do bring along a small compact camera so that you can take pictures yourself of the sceneries as well.

The van picked us up from our B&B for a 20mins ride to the mountain top, where we get ready for our flight. The guide will get us hooked up and secured ~ there was this seat where we can place our butt comfortably with the guide behind us. Once everything was checked, we would jog on the grass patch before the air lifted us up into the sky. Everything happened quite fast, and surprisingly there was no heart-dropping feeling. Before we knew it, we were already in the sky to admire the sceneries. Must try!

3) First

On the same day, we bought the Fun Package (CHF 61) at the Grindelwald train station, which includes the following:
  • Aerial gondola ride from Grindelwald to First. 
  • Whizz down to Schreckfeld on the First Flyer. 
  • Then either take the aerial gondola or a leisurely hike down to Bort intermediate station. 
  • From Bort, take a scooter-bike ride back down to Grindelwald.


First Flyer

Forgot to take picture of the scooter ride or the sceneries down the mountains from Bort to Grindleward simply because it was too scary & tiring. I think it should be exciting for most people but I have lousy sense of balancing and the slopes were so steep! Most of the time, I was pushing the bike rather than riding on it. In the end, we took about 2 hours to go down the mountains. =p