S Expo - Marina @ Keppel Bay

10:00:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

We decided to drop by S-One Expo at Keppel Bay after a friend's wedding since today was the last day of the event. ^_^

There were band performance, Germany & local food, caricature, face painting  etc. It was a good thing that it was not so crowded. I kinda get frustrated easily with crowds nowadays, after the 'torture' of getting into trains during peak period every morning to work. Grrr..

Anyway. When we reached there, we were brought to a counter to do registration, and in return, we got each a coupon to redeem a hot dog bun or beer plus a $5 worth of vouchers to buy local food such as beancurd, nasi lemak etc.

And so happen, there was this "Biggest Black Forest Cake" event today and so we got free black forest cake to eat as well! I liked the cake which was moist and filled with cherries, so yummy! 

Then again, it was so embarrassing to see people 'da bao' the free cakes with plastic bags etc.

Giving out balloons and I got one from the friendly clown too!

Wooden Figurines

Cuckoo Clocks 

Gingerbread Cookie

Free and you were allowed to design your own, but only limited numbers. We were too late and there was no more liao.

Traditional Clothes

Lucky draw - Porsche with COE!