Conclusion for 2012

4:44:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

As the clock ticks away, we are getting closer to the new year.  Have you fulfill what you want in 2012 and are there any regrets?

Looking back in 2012, my major change was the update of my FB status from "single" to "married". Married life has been good ~ I have a walking ATM and a 24hr x 7 days chauffeur! LOL. Well, other than the "materialistic" benefits, it does feel more assuring knowing that there will always be someone supporting you when making major decisions.  Hey, that's why the song - Two Is Better Than One ( a popular wedding songs by Taylor Swift + Boys Like Girls)

Come next year, it will also be an exciting year as we will get our keys to our loft! Yeah, time to "fulfill" a little dream of mine! I have considered interior design as a career however given up as the practical side got the better of me. *Shrugged* 

Next year holiday plans have been confirmed ~ Jeju/Seoul/HK and Shenzhen (so look out for my travel posts)! Probably going for  a staycation too and if I manage to get the company's chalet, yup, another chalet stay with friends. 

Although it has been raining whole day,  hopefully it does not dampen your moods! Whether you decide to celebrate with your loved ones at home or choose to party all night at the following:

Siloso Beach Party
Celebrate 2013
Supernova Countdown Party
Hilltop Celebration at The Jewel Box

I wish all a HAPPIER NEW YEAR and thank you for reading my blog. ^_^