Reckless Driver!

9:40:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Almost got into an accident at the main road in front of Khatib MRT, at about 4.40pm today.  This Trans Cab driver was initially in the middle lane but suddenly steered to the right to the first lane, i.e. our lane ( we were going straight ). Husband got to brake and stopped the car. Such reckless and irresponsible behavior and what's more, there was  a passenger in the taxi as well! Please beware of this cab driver of SHC5858Z!

My husband also told me that he was almost hit just recently because a lorry from the opposite traffic turned right when my husband was going straight. Such basis rule and yet the lorry driver cannot followed!

And how about the recent case of the China driver whose reckless behavior caused the death of 3 lives (including his own)?

I personally feel that all drivers should have a refresher test for both theory and practical every 3 - 5 years! Having a driving license doesn't meant that you are a good driver for life. 

Who gives you the right to cause harm to other road users/drivers just because you have a vehicle that you cannot control? I dont care if the driver himself dies because of it, but please be responsible to other people and their families! If you are not in the condition to drive, e.g. drunk, sleepy, vision poor, then DUN DRIVE! Grrrr...