Venice, Italy - Food & Accomdation

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It is already November 12 and I'm still posting about my honeymoon that was 3 months ago ?? *Palm face*

Haha, to be frank, I cant remember the details already and so, I will let my pictures do most of the 'talking'! If you are interested, just drop me an email/comment and I will just send you my itinerary, ya? ^_^


Casa Gottardi
Address: Sestiere San Polo, 688, 30125 Venezia, Italy

I liked my B&B in Venice. First, the room is big, as you can see, we were given a double bed plus a double decker bed, enough for four pax to stay!

Service was good and the owner was super helpful. The minute we arrived, we were given snack and a small bottle of wine as welcome drink. The fridge in the kitchen was also free for us to use - packed with bottles of mineral water and yogurt drinks. The owner also passed us Venice map and recommended us food places.

Location is fantastic too, very near to many attraction sites ~ next to Rialto Bridge and walking distance to St Mark's Basilica, Bridge of Sign etc

But mind you, it is located on the 3rd floor, without lift, so be prepared to tug your luggage up and down 3 storey staircase. Air con was also not very strong and there was no fridge in the room to keep our chocolate. Our 'brilliant idea' ~> we placed our Switzerland chocolates on top of the cupboard, as close as possible to the air con during our 2 days stay there. Keke

Our daily breakfast served at the B&B. Looked pretty hor?


1) L'aquasanta

This restaurant was recommended by the nice owner from our B&B, a very good pointer indeed! It was located in a small alley, not quite apparent but still packed with customers. We had to wait for 20-30 minutes before we got a table for 2 on the street outside the restaurant. Not a good location for photo taking, which explained the dim photos.

I strongly strongly recommend the squid ink pasta and tiramisu. Both were superb! Price were reasonable as well, though I cant tell you exactly how much as I couldnt find the receipt. But food here definitely worth every penny you spent! =)

2) Trattoria "Al Raspo De Va"

Address: Piazza Galuppi 560, Burano Venezia

Our Orders:
Coperto - Eur 3 (Cover charge)
Primo Piatto - Eur 8 (Pasta)
Pesce - Eur 15  (Prawn)
Bibite - Eur 2.50 (Coke)

Random restaurant where we settled our lunch at Burano. Didnt leave much impression here. And I dun understand why we needed to pay cover charge when we were not clubbing. *Scratch head*

3) All' Armonia S.A.S

Address: Di Bosser Ruggero & C Dorsoduro N.924 VE

Our Orders:
Mezzemaniche Day - Eur 14
Cafe Latte - Eur 4
Calzone - Eur 9
Millefoglie - Eur 6

We were attracted to the alfresco dining here, where we can enjoy the sunset setting while having our dinner. The pasta was pretty good, with zucchini and prawn, a pity the portion was rather small. Calzone was okay. Loved the dessert, which was recommended by the waiter since our order of tiramisu was not available.


Finally, ice cream to end off our stay in Venice!