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ACE called me to ask me to renew the travel insurance plan. I said, I'm not interested.  The caller insisted to tell me there was a 50% discount for me. I said, I bought ACE before and precisely because of that, I knew the claiming process sucks. Instead, of addressing my current concern, the caller just want to emphasize on the discount. I said, what would I want to pay the other 50% if I know I probably cannot make any claim. Finally, the caller gave up. 


Do you remember I've mentioned that my husband lost his wallet in Switzerland? Naturally, we reported a lost at the police station ( got to pay CHF30 , approximately $40 for it!) and used that to file a claim on our travel insurance with ACE - 'Got It Covered Travel Plan'. 

Guess what? We hadnt got back the claim and that was months ago. 

We were asked to provide the following items besides the police report:

1) Receipt for the wallet - Who will have keep the receipt of the wallet that was bought years ago? So we gave an estimated price of $70 based on the wallet brand.

2)  Money changer receipt - Again, who will have keep the receipt after exchanging the money? 

3) Proof to show that money was withdrew to exchange for the foreign currency - We provided printscreen of my bank statement which was rejected by ACE. Reason being the money belonged to me and did not belong to my husband and therefore not acceptable. 

We thought the reason for not accepting item 3 was ridiculous. Withdrawal from the bank account does not necessary means that it will be used to exchange for the foreign currency. Then again, this was requested by ACE and so we gave. Who knows that ACE will give another crap reason that the so-called proof of withdrawal was not acceptable become it came from my account. I could have withdraw money, exchange it for the foreign currency and give it to my husband to be used in overseas right? And precisely it is my money, and so my husband should return to me the money and therefore he should claim it from the travel insurance company. Logical? 

I perfectly understand that the travel insurance company needs to do its due diligence to ensure that all claims are bona fide to prevent people from abusing travel insurance and anyhow file a claim. However, how to prove that money is lost? Almost impossible since only the claimant himself knows or are we expected to get a recorder from the thief/pickpocket that he had stolen X amount of money from us? Even that, I doubt the insurance company will accept it. *Shrugged*

Therefore, I thought that's why there's a cap for the claim on loss of money. We arent even hoping that ACE will return us the whole sum, but at least a reasonable portion. Problem now is ACE is only willing to pay the price for the wallet.

Who will be in the right mind to made the effort of making a police report in overseas, cancel all credit cards and identity card (e.g. driving license) just to abuse the claim on loss of money? I thought to provide all these evidence will suffice instead of some crap evidence such as bank statement to show outflow of money, which in the end was rejected by the travel insurance company itself. First, 'you' ask for it, then you 'reject' it. What a mockery! 

I think the next time if I ever gets a travel insurance again (YES, I'M CANCELLING MY TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH ACE), I will ask specifically what is the list of evidence to be provided on each and every item that I'm supposingly under covered. My advice to all, you should do that too.


Sad to hear that you had problems with your travel insurance... and I don't think it's normal to get only the price for the wallet... you also had things in it!
Personally, I would recommend them:, because I haven't had any kind of problems, which is essential...

I say, making a claim on insurance is like a game of perseverance. We just have to continue to send email to the insurance company till we get our reasonable claim back. *Shrugged*