Venice, Italy - Place of Interest

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Initially, I thought that taking train was cheaper. But after taking into account of the traveling time (approximately 8 hr) and since budget air fare was similar to the pricing of the train ticket, we decided to just fly in Venice.  We took the Easyjet , air fare was about S$100+, including taxes and flight journey was an hr plus. 

Being an island city, the best way to reach Venice is via boat. We took the public Alliaguna water taxi and the boat journey from Venice Marco Polo Airport to our B&B via Rialto stop was just an hour. As we bought the tickets on line, we got to change the evoucher to regular ticket at the Alliaguna ticketing office. 

Finding the Alliaguna ticketing office was a nightmare, as the counter staff  in Venice Airport were not exactly friendly and there was no signboard to direct the way. After asking different counter staff, we finally got some idea where to head to.  The Alliaguna ticketing office is not located inside the airport, you got to exit the airport and turn to the left, where you can find a long walkway and I mean a really long walkway.  After like 10 minutes or so, we finally see the pier!! Wah lau, try walking so long with 2 big luggage in a hot weather... the 10 minutes felt like forever. =p

Alliaguna ticketing office

We also bought the 12 Hour Tourist Travel Card ACTV (Eur 18) online , which was only activated upon check in using the blue ACTV self-service ticket machine.  There are different passes (24H, 36H,48H etc) available, just work out your itinerary and see which one suits you better. For us, we were only spending one full day in Venice (excluding the day we arrived and the day we moving off to Florence) and since we were going to the nearby islands, a 12 hour pass was most economical. 

You can also plan your taxi boat route via ACTV website.

ACTV self-service ticket machine

Ok, enough of my 'lecture' on transport in Venice, let's move on to the sight-seeing!

Rialto Bridge

Click on the picture to see the crowd on the bridge!

View of the river from Rialto Bridge

St Mark's Square

We didnt go into cathedral and the other building because everywhere was a long queue! Haiz..

Sunset at Venice

Sunset at Venice

Bridge of Signs

Rialto Market

We visited the Rialto Market (near to our B&B) in the morning before we moved off to the next city. The Pescaria (fish market) and Erbaria (produce market), which combined make up the Rialto Market. The fish market is closed Sunday and Monday and the whole market is shut down on Sunday.


On our way to Burano, we stopped by Murano to change to the next connecting water taxi. This island is famous for its glass making.


Famous for its laces and colourful houses. It definitely felt like fairytale land surrounded by so many brightly coloured houses. If only our HDB is like that... keke

That ends off my 2 nights stay in Venice, next up ~ Florence!

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