Royal Caribbean for next year? *Thinking aloud*

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The last time that I went cruise was probably 10 years ago?  The only thing that I can vaguely recall is, we got free upgrade from a porthole room to a deck room with balcony with Star Cruise Virgo. Other than that, it was just eating around at different restaurants where food was rather passable and dipping in jacuzzi under the starry night. Cant really remember any much activities and that's why no more cruise since then.

But hey, I have been hearing about good stuff of Royal Caribbean, which seems to have better restaurants and more activities on its cruises. And hor, one of its ship, Mariner of the Seas, will be servicing cruises out of Singapore!

Personally, I think 3 nights on a cruise is just nice. Anything more than that probably will be boring for me. Well, unless you are planning to go for those land excursion when the ship dock at the various ports.

Browsing at this particular cruise, which minimally is approximately $465 per pax (inclusive of tax $66).
After browsing Royal Caribbean website for a good 30mins, I realised that the different ships (Voyager, Oasis, Freedom etc) will have different activities and resturants onboard. Alas, initially I thought that there will be Flowrider at Mariner. I wanted to play that one again... 
Activities at Mariner of the Seas

Hmm, I still cant decide whether to go for a cruise.  Hubby was saying with $400plus, we can go Taipei already, which is quite true.

Cant really think now, down with cough with lotza of phlegm.  =(

But hor, I lost 1kg.  Keke. That's probably the "best part" for been sick. Then again, I reckon the weight will re bounce when I recover lah.  So 不要开心得太早... haha

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