2D1N Soju Bang

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Venue: 44/46 Tanjong Pagar 
Contact: 6227 6033


You know I love beef.  I eat a lot of beef.  I ate so much that I felt guilty looking at cows. 




Nah, just joking. Erm, I mean the part on feeling guilty.  I still eat a lot of meat, especially beef.  I think I should adapt in Korea pretty well;  I can just eat grilled meat with vegetables for every meal. =p

The only thing that stopping me from eating so much meat is the cost. It's so expensive to eat grilled meat in Singapore.  And in some places, a plate of meat with a pathetic portion can be as much as $30, expensive yet not filling.

But wait......

Good news for ME & you! *skip in the air*

2D1N serves korean grilled meat at affordable cost! Just pay S$20+ per pax for free flow grilled meat, seafood, vegetables, cooked food, fruits, drinks etc.   I went to 2 or 3 outlets (including its sister resturant, Ssikkek Korean BBQ) and apparently the charges were not the same (all in the range of S$20+), which could be due to the different timing and venue.  Anyway, S$20+ for free flow of meat is a super good deal!

Rice & Soup

The 'trick' of eating a buffet is to avoid staple items at all costs! Only after you have eaten enough meat and seafood, and if you are still not full, then maybe you can eat the staple food such as rice & noodles. 

Also, try not to drink soft drinks as well, as carbonated drinks will make you feel bloated faster.

Oops.. I mean free flow of beef, pork, chicken in different parts/marination.  Bulgogi, beef short plate, pork ribs, pork collar, bbq chicken, you name it. 

The meat here were rather fresh and the staff would keep refilling. Thumbs up!
Seafood, Salad, Vegetable 

I watched a Taiwanese talk show recently, which happens to talk about the trick of eating buffets. One of the guest speaker manages her own buffet resturant and she shared that meat is actually more expensive than seafood.  Quite surprising hor? I always thought that seafood is the must-attack, since it should be the most expensive items in the spread.
  Our grilled stuff 

Pardon my lack of photos of the "end results".  My hands were too occupied and I was too engrossed in the food that I forgot to take pictures! Keke

The service here is superb also. The staff will frequently help you to change the aluminum foil.  The only bad thing is the place is rather small, and you probably smell like bbq food when you step out from the restaurant.

Oh ya before I forgot, because the crowd will start pouring in before the opening hours, remember to record your name on the booklet at the entrance.  Dun just wait around!


If you prefer a shorter queue but similar variety, you can also consider Ssikkek Korean Grill, which seems to be the sister restaurant of 2D1N.  Erm, not very sure but they bears the same logo mah.. 

I know Ssikkek has outlets at Tampines One, Bras Basah Complex and United Square.  But I only tried the one at Tampines One. Here, the tables are more spaced out and better ventilation.

Similarly, they got salad, meet, seafood and some cooked food, no doubt, the variety was lesser. Hey, I'm a happy girl so long there's beef, prawn and golden mushroom.

For those who are interested, here are the prices at Tampines One outlet. 

Before I end this post, let's learn some Korean!  Meat is 고기, which is pronounced as "Co Ki". This is how I ordered when I was in Korea.  Easy to remember right?  =)

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