Wheat Baumkuchen Noodle Bar

2:56:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Venue: Asia Square Tower 1 Food Garden #02-02 or One Raffles Place B1-32
Website: http://www.wheatbaumkuchen.com/


When I was still working in Raffles Place area, cold soba was one of my favorite food for lunch.  I always order the "Penguin", which basically was green soba, sesame sauce, shredded chicken, fried egg, quail egg & vegetable.  Simple ingredients yet gave a refreshing combination. 

Beside "Penguin", they also serve "Whale", "Dolphin" etc.  The names are all so cute right? Click here for the description & the prices.

I liked the dish because it was served cold (best when the weather is super hot), lower carbo compared to normal rice & noodles yet filling to last me till dinner.

Now that I am no longer working near China Square, I make my own cold soba! =p

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